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Time Off Management Dashboard

With StartOpz you can easily track employees' vacation, sick, and personal days in the same system used for your other H.R. tasks. Both you and your employees will appreciate the simplicity of the request and approval process. You will appreciate that you can keep things simple or customize the categories, policies, and accrual as much as you need.

Easy For Employees

Time Off Request

Employee Requests Time Off

Employees enter their time off requests which are then forwarded to the time off manager for approval.

Employee Receives Confirmation Email

If you (or the designated manager) approves the employee's time off request then the employee will receive a email notifying them of that. The email contains an iCal attachment so they can easily add to their calendar.

Time Off Email Confirmation
Time Off Employee Profile

Employee Time Off Profile

Each employee has an individual time off view where they can see how much time off they have used and how much they have left.

Powerful For Employers

Time Off Calendar

View all employees' time off in a calendar to see when people are out and ensure coverage for servicing your clients.

Company Wide Time Off Calendar
Employee Time Off Management

Employee Overview

See an overview of where each employee in your company stands in regards to time off and drill down on an individual employee. Each employee can have a separate time off policy and accrual schedule or they can inherit the company default.

Company Wide Holidays

Set the company wide holidays so that your employees are not unfairly deducted time off when taking vacation that spans a holiday.

Time Off Holidays

Time Off Features

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